"Street Art" Prints and Posters

"Street Art" Prints and Posters

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This piece was created as a collaboration between Daniel "Awrek" Toledo and Israel "Izzy" Serrano of Wild Style Technicians. The original was created in 2011 on paper with markers and pens for a contest which we never officially entered due to a technicality. We decided to compete the graphic in vector format and create posters and prints for the 2nd Annual San Diego Poster Show on July 22nd, 2014. Daniel illustrated the characters and I the "Street Art" graffiti letters. I then merged both elements together in to the final image after adding a few more design elements and colors.

Available in two sizes:

20 - 12" x 18" Photo Print with Glossy Finish


30 - 20" x 30" Digital Poster Print with Luster Finish.