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Mic Abuse 2 Zip Hoodie

Mic Abuse 2 Zip Hoodie

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High Quality Zip Hoodie.
80% Cotton 20% Polyester.
Embroidered on Printed on Left Chest.
Printed or Embroidered on Logo Hood.
Private Labeled.

*All Mic Abuse Hoodies ship with free mixed CD by DJ Limegreen.
Mixtape features: Pedalay The Boss, Azma Instagator, Wasted Talent,
Illburnsgreen, Rhyme Addicts, Gold Chain Military, W.C.A, Alkatraz,
Jizzm High Definition, Otherwize & Ab Rude, Daze & AK, Jimmy Powers,
Blame One, The Seed, B.A.D Company, Tash & J Ro, Kool Sphere, Banish & Aims,
and LMNO & Mr. Brady.