About Us

Some company/crew history... Wild Style Technicians was founded as an all elements crew in 1991. The crews original intent was to preserve, promote, and advance traditional wild style graffiti art. The first Wild Style Technicians items were created primarily for crew members. However, we quickly and easily sold all of the overrun from our original crew production and immediately realized that there was a place in the market for clothing embellished with our style of artwork. In fact, we had felt that the companies creating graffiti inspired artwork at that time were somewhat missing the boat on a huge part of what graffiti is really about-which is LETTERS. Lettering is something for which we here at Wild Style Technicians have a passion. Hip Hop culture is also something for which we have a passion. A passion which was lacking from the ownership of most other brands. We wanted to create something which was non-corporate where the artists were the ones making the money. Not some one who's only true interest in the culture and artform is to see how much it can be milked in order to enhance their own personal financial gain.

    "He who stands for everything stands for nothing."-Author Unknown

While other brands attempt to encompass every lifestyle under the sun we just stick to what we know, love, and live. The first two Wild Style Technicians tee shirts were produced in 1997. The money earned from selling these two first tee shirts is the primary funding which started Wild Style Technicians the company. Since then the line has grown to include over 50 different tee shirt designs, headwear, fleece, denim, accessories and ladies apparel. Wild Style Technicians is widely regarded as the leader when it comes to high impact hip hop/graffiti inspired tee shirts. Wild Style Technicians now also collaborates with some of the best writers in the world on their artwork.

Much respect to all of the artists and companies that have paved the way...without you we would not exist... Izze - Wild Style Technicians

Artists who have contributed to the WST line at one point or another since 1997:
  • Izze-WST
  • G-Roc
  • Zone1WST
  • Rom1
  • Nilo Jones
  • Zodak 1 WST T2B
  • Dazeroc WST
  • Nemo 1
  • Themo PFE
  • Cope 2 KD
  • Cap MPC
  • Severe1
  • Saratoga Sake WST IBM
  • Pesa WST KD TNB
  • Kool Sphere KDM WST
  • Tragnark
  • El Mammero
  • Drastic TNN
  • Damit
  • Okuda
  • Sen 2 TATs
  • Totem II TATs
  • PresOne
  • Lango NR
  • Dyse One
  • Brown One
  • Dario Sanchez
  • Kuaze ATT
  • Mike Ablist
  • Larry TMK
  • Awrek
  • Pesci
  • Arest150
  • East/Aste ATT
  • Serval ATT
  • Meks
  • Soems
  • Rymedalsfunk
  • Jest
  • Stae 2